The Dorset Street Flats Repair


The Dorset Street Flats have been badly damaged in the earthquakes that have struck Christchurch in the years following and including the initial 04 September 2010 earthquake.

They are significant buildings, locally and internationally recognized: 

They featured on the TVNZ documentary series "The Elegant Shed", which includes an interview with Sir Miles Warren: 

These buildings were recently featured on TVNZ's The New Zealand Home (

Recently published in Shifting Foundations : Post-quake architecture of Otautahi Christchurch (

Please also refer to and for further information.

Recent comments from industry experts regarding our work.

Te Kāhui Whaihanga New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA),

Canterbury Architecture Awards 2023

NZIA award citation (heritage):

"The renovation of this iconic heritage building demonstrates a thoughtful approach that respects the original design and architect. Seismic strengthening and an additional structure don't disrupt the original aesthetic. The team's attention to detail and commitment to respecting heritage enables a local treasure to endure. This is an exceptional example of how we can honour our past, and ensures the building remains a source of inspiration and joy for future occupants".

NZIA award citation (colour):

"Continuing the original architect's use of colour in building elements and soft furnishings allows the residential development to remain nestled within the era of its creation. Subtle touches of colour pay homage to the building's heritage and provide a sense of continuity that is both comforting and inspiring".

Resene Total Colour Awards 2023

Colour Maestro - Heritage:

"This is a very respectful treatment in revival, a fitting toast to the significance of the architect and his contribution to New Zealand. The work shows restraint and careful consideration of how to authentically refresh a piece of history. The palette honours the intention of the post-modern architecture achieving the patina of the past with the technology of today.”