Christchurch Emergency Housing

Proposal to Department of Building and Housing For the provision of Portable Dwellings, Imminent Temporary Accommodation for use following the Canterbury Earthquake.


The MicroPODD was originally designed to provide the most efficient bach accommodation in a no maintenance transportable format, allowing for a completely off-grid site - if you can get a truck or helicopter to the building site, you can get a MicroPODD there, already fully assembled.  With the screw pile foundation system, you can also remove the MircoPODD from site easily without leaving a trace.

Advantages of the MicroPODD construction system:

Wall, floor, and roof framing is pre-fabricated galvanised steel, giving virtually zero waste during construction, and an extremely fast construction time.  The steel framing is dimensionally stable and doesn't have the moisture content issues of timber framing, allowing the buildings to be lined and clad immediately.  The construction system was to be integrated with the Christchurch Polytechnic, working in as a construction training scheme. 

The roofing and exterior cladding is Colorsteel Dimondek, which is installed on an innovative clip system, giving no penetrations for screw fixings, and allowing the cladding and roofing to move through thermal expansion and transportation without any damage.

The clips for the wall cladding are installed on a Cavibat cavity system, giving further weather-tightness, and preventing thermal bridging.

The Colorsteel finish allows the cladding and roofing to be very robust and requires very little maintenance; the weather-tight construction also allows the buildings to have no eaves, which helps with transportation. 

Interior linings are generally plywood, screw fixed to the wall framing. This system gives the MicroPODD a lot of strength to resist wind, snow, and earthquake loads, allowing the building to be sited virtually anywhere. The plywood is also extremely robust and low maintenance, and won't be damaged during transportation – the interior aesthetic is a warm, comfortable Kiwi bach feeling.

Wall and ceiling linings to the bathroom are Horizon pre-finished linings, perfect for wet areas – moisture resistant, mould resistant, low maintenance, and durable. 

Woollen insulation batts are installed throughout, to walls, roof, and under floor. The woollen batts are flame resistant, insect resistant, non-allergenic, and non-toxic. 

Able to be clustered in groups of eight PODD's around a central courtyard to provide a community setup. 

PODD's are designed to be self-sufficient off-grid, but can also be connected to mains services.