The Dorset Street Flats Repair

The Dorset Street Flats have been badly damaged in the earthquakes that have struck Christchurch in the years following and including the initial 04 September 2010 earthquake.

We've been commissioned by the majority insurer (Southern Response) and approved by the other insurers involved (IAG, Medical Assurance, and Tower Insurance) to work with their project managers Arrow International, and complete the documentation for the repair of the Dorset Street Flats.

This is a huge honour, as these buildings are among the most important in New Zealand's architectural history.

Greg Young, the managing director of Young Architects, is probably the  most qualified person in New Zealand to be undertaking the lead of this repair, after working for both the original structural engineers (Holmes Consulting Group) and architects (Warren and Mahoney Architects).  Greg has met with Heritage NZ, Christchurch City Council heritage, and also Sir Miles Warren, to discuss how the repair is approached.

These buildings were recently featured on TVNZ's The New Zealand Home (

We're currently working through the construction detailing with the engineers and contractors, and will then be updating this regularly as we progress on site.

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